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Michael Richardson mcr at sandelman.ca
Tue Dec 1 15:44:21 EST 2009

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>>>>> "John" == John Curran <jcurran at arin.net> writes:
    >> ...  So, for LIRS that want to pee all over themselves, well then
    >> don't file SWIPS.  In fact I ENCOURAGE IT STRONGLY because then
    >> all I have to do is null-route your ENTIRE AS, I don't even have
    >> to waste CPU cycles blocking just the obnoxious traffic from
    >> Wonkulating.

    John> Ted -
    John> Under this philosophical approach, what would ARIN's
    John> responsibilities be with respect to an organization which
    John> files no SWIP's and runs no rwhois service?

  ARIN already clearly delegates to them, so that's done.

    John> More specifically, if an organization is willing to accept the
    John> incident/security response obligations implied by not showing
    John> sub-delegations, is that "acceptable" until/unless the
    John> organization needs to show utilization for an additional
    John> address block?  (If so, wouldn't it be best to update the NRPM
    John> to reflect this "optionality" of SWIPs/rwhois data?)

  If an organization wants to be responsible for their customers' camel
porn, then... they can call themselves (content-responsible) enterprises
rather than (common-carrier) ISPs. 

  I guess it's a feature of IPv6 that it enables organizations to not be
network neutral, if they do not call themselves networks!
  (I wish that .net had been delegated to IANA/ARIN back in the early
1990s.. No ASN/-ARIN handle, no foo.net...)

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