[arin-ppml] Apology requested from Christopher Mettin and the Gymnasium Querfurt High School

Joe Baptista baptista at publicroot.org
Tue Dec 1 14:19:21 EST 2009

Interesting you should mention the subject of Net.Kook

On Tue, Dec 1, 2009 at 1:24 PM, Gene Buckle <geneb at deltasoft.com> wrote:

> Oh I don't know.  This is the most entertaining nonsense I've seen in
> _ages_.  All this needs is one or two old-time Net.Kooks to stick their oars
> in. *laughs*

In fact I was elected a Net.Kook many moons ago. Possibly as far back as
1995 mainly for my beliefs that the Internet was dangerous place - i.e.
security issues, privacy issues, and could be used for warfare.

As time passed and my concerns became a reality the mantel of net.kook seems
to have faded away. A bit unfortunate since I always considered the title
something of a novelty.

> I have to admit though, "internet terrorist" is absurd in the extreme. :)

Yes - of course it is - but to the uneducated border guard in a 9/11 world a
potential inconvenience.

Most of the claims they have made against me are not only absurd - they are

I have in my collection correspondence and audio recordings in which they
claim I'm an alien. Thats alien as in extraterrestrial.

The first libelous and slanderous allegation against me was that I was
importing heroin into Germany and a deranged drug addict. Check it out:


That allegation was retracted when they discovered I was traveling back to
the Netherlands where I think libel and slander is a quasi criminal matter.
You can check out their apology at the following URL:


As you can see they also asked me for an apology - non was given.

Maybe it's time for another visit to the Netherlands to wrap things up.

joe baptista
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