[arin-ppml] Apology requested from Christopher Mettin and theGymnasium Querfurt High School

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Tue Dec 1 14:05:22 EST 2009

Michel Py wrote:
> Dear Joe,
> I'm looking for a little extra cash and I was wondering if there is a
> bounty on your head ;-)
> Come on, no real terrorist can be without a sizeable bounty.
> Seriously now, you should not be feeding the troll. You know better than
> this.
> Someone from, arin-ppml please ban cmettin at gqbc-online.com from the
> mailing list? There is such thing as troll management; it's been
> entertaining but as most of us I am busy and if I start ignoring every
> troll in the world I won't have time to do anything else.

I was going to suggest the same thing right before 4 of my Sprint 
circuits dropped, then I got busy.

Seriously. Get him off the list yesterday. This isn't the kind of 
audience I should expect to have to micro-manage killing threads and 
posters. And for those who need a reminder of the AUP here:

"Specifically Prohibited Activities

The following activities are specifically prohibited on any ARIN mailing 

    1. Statements that include foul language, personal character 
attacks, or show disrespect for other participants, including ARIN.
    2. Statements that are slanderous or libelous, including making 
defamatory and untrue accusations of criminal conduct.
    3. Product marketing.
    4. Use or distribution of others' comments or e-mail addresses for 
any purpose other than to discuss relevant issues pertaining to approved 
    5. Posts which interfere with the customary communications on the list.
    6. Postings by fictional or non-identifiable names and addresses.
    7. Posting knowingly false or fictitious statements.
    8. Actions, that while not described specifically here, are similar 
to the conduct described."



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