[arin-ppml] SWIPs & IPv6

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Tue Dec 1 11:33:01 EST 2009

Danny McPherson wrote:
> I'd like to know what folks here are thinking regarding
> IPv6 and SWIPs.  In particular, a primary driver for SWIPs
> today is to enable justification of additional addresses
> (when the time comes).  SWIP data is clearly invaluable to 
> network operations and security folks, as well as law 
> enforcement, when investigating or dealing with various 
> incidents (not to mention many other uses, as many of you
> well know).
> I suspect that with such large IPv6 allocations, the need 
> to keep SWIP/(rwhois) data up to date will diminish, severely 
> hindering folks that use SWIP data on a regular basis.  

I think it would be foolish to assume this.  You bought into
this naieve notion that SWIP data is mainly of benefit to OTHER people,
promulgated by all the bonehead privacy-terrorists out there who think
that a SWIP filed on them will let the identity thieves steal
them blind.

In reality, SWIPs aren't for the rest of the Internet, they help
make YOUR job easier.

If you don't file SWIP data or run RWhois on your subnets, then
the only SWIP
entry that will exist for your subnet that's assigned by the RIR is
going to be the one that the RIR inserted when they gave
you your IPv6 assignment.  Thus, any time one of the orgs
that you assigned subnets to goes and honks-off ME, well
then YOU are going to get my complaint.

If YOU want to waste all your time handling these complaints
well then I don't give a rat's ass, but if you DON'T -handle- the 
complaint and your customer continues honking me off, well then I'm
going to block YOUR ENTIRE BLOCK - because since you didn't
file a SWIP how the hell am I going to know what part of
your assigned numbers does this org have access to that
is honking me off?  From my point of view, your ENTIRE block is
suspect, not just the piece that you assigned to Wonkulating

So, for LIRS that want to pee all over themselves, well
then don't file SWIPS.  In fact I ENCOURAGE IT STRONGLY because
then all I have to do is null-route your ENTIRE AS, I don't even
have to waste CPU cycles blocking just the obnoxious traffic
from Wonkulating.

> If I've missed this discussion here (or in other forums)
> references welcome, a cursory search yields nothing expressly
> related to this topic.

Probably because of the same reason that a cursory search
won't find any discussions about the pros and cons of
staring straight into the sun for an hour at high noon.


> Thanks in advance, 
> -danny
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