[arin-ppml] Advisory Council Meeting Results - December 2009

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Tue Dec 22 14:30:26 EST 2009

In accordance with the ARIN Policy Development Process the ARIN Advisory
Council (AC) held a meeting on 17 December 2009 and made decisions about
several draft policies and proposals.

The AC recommended the following draft policy to the ARIN Board of
Trustees for adoption:

   Draft Policy 2009-8: Equitable IPv4 Run-Out

The AC reviewed the following two proposals and accepted them onto the
AC's docket for development and evaluation:

   101. Multihomed initial allocation criteria
   102. Reduce and Simplify IPv4 Initial Allocations

The AC abandoned the following two proposals:

   103. Change IPv6 Allocation Process
   104. Multiple Discrete Networks for proposal 103

The AC stated,
   "The ARIN Advisory Council determined to abandon Policy Proposal
#103: Change IPv6 Allocation Process.  While the AC perceives there is
significant support for major revisions to IPv6 policy, the AC could not
  support this proposal in its current form. The majority of the AC felt
  the only way they could move this proposal forward would have been to
  modify it in ways not perceived as compatible with the author’s
original  intent.  The AC would like to work with the author and the
rest of community to develop future IPv6 policy proposals.

   Additionally, the AC abandoned Policy Proposal #104: Multiple Discrete
Networks for proposal 103, as it is dependent on Policy Proposal #103
and is not useful on its own."

The abandonment of proposals 103 and 104 by the AC is a decision that
can be petitioned by any member of the community, including a proposal
originator. The deadline to begin a petition is 23:59 EST on 31 December
2009. For more information on starting and participating in petitions,
see PDP Petitions (Discussion Petition) at:

Draft Policy and Proposal texts are available at:

The ARIN Policy Development Process can be found at:

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