[arin-ppml] I ask the members of this list to please not ban Christopher Mettin

Joe Baptista baptista at publicroot.org
Tue Dec 1 22:25:58 EST 2009

There has been discussion concerning the banning Christopher Mettin, the
representative of the Gymnasium Querfurt High School, from participating on
this list.

I ask the members who proposed banning Christopher or support the action to
please kindly withdraw their requests. Gentlemen, Ladies ... we all remember
what it was like to be young. Jubilation, revolution and beer. I believe
Chris deserves a second chance.

I can gurantee he has calmed down. He is in private communication with me.
He is very angry and so far has threatened to disconnect my twitter account.
He may accomplish this - he managed to disconnect my wordpress account. But
the point is he is directing his anger at me privately where it belongs and
it's my pleasure to make that possible. Psychiatry 101.

I also don't think Chris is in any way a scammer. I consider him just
another victim of Herman Xennt. He's a kid who is trying to make a
difference and he is stuck in a farce. One of our members mentioned this
story reads like a screen play. If you only knew. Many people have their
life ssaving in this farce - many others their reputations. Right now I'm
trying to encourage Chris to pick up the phone and call Martijn Burger the
chair of INAIC and get his facts straight. I don't think he wants to do
that. Sometimes it is hard to hear the truth when one has put their schools
reputation on the line. Can you imagine how the poor boy feels.

In any case those here knights of usenet will be happy to know the troll has
been captured and I'll feed him privately from now on saving you the bother.
And if the troll escapes we'll all be the first to know.

But seriously - I think Chris has learned his lesson. A few of you have
jabbed him in a very good natured and kindly way. And I appreciate the
kindness everyone has shown Chris less the jabs. But this is a teenager and
teenagers feel those jabs a lot more harshly then us ol farts and even some
of the adults here. Am I right?

I think Chris is ready to follow the rules. He is a bright kid and he has
good ideas. It's also nice to have young people involved and interested in
what we do here. Am I right? I think he is capable of making good
contributions to the issues discussed here.

So please I beg you all kindly let Chris stay. We all make mistakes in life
and forgiveness is divine. Am I right?

submitted with respect to the ARIN Community
joe baptista
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