[arin-ppml] ARIN Audits (was SWIPs & IPv6)

Stan Barber sob at academ.com
Tue Dec 1 13:47:44 EST 2009

John Curran writes: 
>Stan - 
>  The resource review policy is relatively new, but ARIN has indeed been
>  >making use of when we see strong indication of fraudulent activities or
>  >related misappropriation of number resources.
>  While in theory resource review could be performed for any reason
>  >(including lax updates to SWIP information), it has been our practice to
>  >only make use of it where that the community is potentially being deprived
>  >of the use of numbering resources.

Thanks, John.

Are these activities documented somewhere for community review? I am just
trying to understand the criteria that would warrant such a review. I think
I understand what you mean by "fraudulent activities or related
misappropriation of number resources," but have a concrete example or two
would help crystallize it for me.

For example, would a history of bad record keeping (inaccurate SWIPs or
Rwhois entries that usage that may have initially been correct, but has
subsequently not been properly maintained) meet the criteria? I would guess
that it would not since it is more negligent than fraudulent. Of course,
rampant negligence of an entity that holds a large bank of numbering
resources and continues to ask for more would meet the criteria of
potentially depriving the community of the use of numbering resources. That
alone must not be enough since there are holders of Class A and B space
that might be better utilized if returned for reallocation.

Is it also safe to assume that this only relates to space that ARIN itself
has allocated and not to space allocated before the RIR infrastructure was

[Aside to others: I really have always been interested in this stuff, but
only recently have been able to get re-engaged in ARIN activities, so
please bear with me while I get some of the questions I have longing to ask
on the table. I apologize in advance if this is self-indulgent and


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