[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2008-3

Lea Roberts lea.roberts at stanford.edu
Sun Aug 30 01:36:56 EDT 2009

dear Rudi -

thank you for your comment(s)

On Sat, 29 Aug 2009, RudOlph Daniel wrote:

> Dear List
> I would also prefer to see a clear criteria instead of the word
> "discretion"...as suggested by ARIN staff. The Caribbean region I would
> suggest may well fall into the 25 now and 50 in a year. Also bearing in mind
> that the network is entirely staffed by volunteers and could form the basis
> of a development model for native v6 too.

unfortunately this staff comment came too late in the process for moving
2008-3 forward to last call.  my personal feeling is that specific number
criteria for lower population areas may not really belong in policy, i.e.
in the NRPM.  rather I believe the purpose of this policy language is to
allow ARIN to further define these criteria in operational procedures,
which should certainly be publicly stated and available to the ASCP
suggestion process.

if you still feel there should be more specific criteria in the NRPM, it
would certainly be possible for you (or anyone) to submit another policy
proposal to add to the definition if 2008-3 does make it into the NRPM.

> In addition, using the US Census bureau's definition of rural and urban may
> be a little high for the Caribbean region if set to 2500. Would 1000 not be
> more appropriate for the north Atlantic sector and the Caribbean? I am
> currently checking to see if we have a local standard.

I believe the intent of the policy language which was added in response to
the staff comment is only to apply the "less than 2500" number to define
rural regions outside of the Carribean and North Altantic sector.  the
basic intent of this remains simply to make sure that the "100 to start,
200 within one year" numbers are not necessarily applied to applicants
from areas where such numbers would be unrealistic.

Lea Roberts
ARIN AC, shepherd for 2008-3

> >
> >  ARIN staff would prefer criteria over discretion. Instead of
> > discretion, the policy could give clear criteria for requests from rural
> > regions, the Caribbean and North Atlantic Sector. For example, 50 users
> > now and 100 in a year (or 25/50, 10/20, etc).
> >
> >  The policy would add the term ?rural? to the NRPM. We suggest putting
> > ?(population less than 2,500)? after the word ?rural regions?. The US
> > Census Bureau definition:  ?All persons living in [urban areas] and in
> > places (cities, towns, villages, etc.) with a population of 2,500
> > or more outside of [urban areas] are considered the urban population.
> > All others are considered rural.?
> >
> >  B. ARIN General Counsel
> >
â> >  Counsel sees no material legal or litigation issues related to this
> > policy.
> >

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