[arin-ppml] Update on 2009-3: Global Policy for the Allocationof IPv4 Blocks to RIRs

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Thu Aug 20 18:10:16 EDT 2009

> by another RIR (or that should be managed by another RIR) well why
> can't they just horse trade among each other to say well I have this
> block that you could aggregate with some of your stuff and 
> I'll give it to you, with the expectation that you will give me some blocks you
> have that are best managed by me.  

This strikes me as a pretty good idea. (Details need to be worked out, obviously) 
While one might want to keep voluntary return to IANA as an option, why not also authorize direct trades among RIRs (just in-kind trades, not purchases). 

Why centralize a function and introduce an intermediary if you don't have to? 

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