[arin-ppml] Update on 2009-3: Global Policy for the Allocationof IPv4 Blocks to RIRs

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Mon Aug 17 17:10:40 EDT 2009

> Kevin,
> I think you and Scott had basically said the same thing here, which
> I'm going to echo: there is no "maybe" in policy. Policy either does
> or it does not.
> Which means our choices here boil down to:
> 1. Set the terms under which we will return addresses to IANA.
ARIN Should, in its process, set the policy by which it WILL return  
to IANA.

The Globally coordinated policy, OTOH, should be configured so that  
each RIR MAY set
such policy within their region.

If it is desirable, the Global policy COULD include a default policy  
that each
RIR MUST follow absent an RIR specific policy.

> 2. Explain how we will set the terms under which we will return
> addresses to IANA. (By enacting or failing to enact ARIN-region policy
> that specifies which addresses are to be returned. Default: none.)
Right... This is what should be done.  The globally coordinated  
policy, OTOH, is a
separate issue and is what is being discussed here.  I don't think a  
coordinated policy which is forcing to the RIRs is likely to get passed.

If we put MAY in the globally coordinate policy, then, it allows for  
possibility to move forward.  If we leave it as SHALL, then, it is  
open to the
errant interpretation that any policy by which we reclaim resources  
us to return those resources to IANA.

While I realize there are some who feel that is the correct answer, I do
not believe that any RIR should return addresses to IANA if those
addresses are immediately needed within the given RIR's service


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