[arin-ppml] Rationale for /22

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Mon Aug 3 11:30:08 EDT 2009

Michael K. Smith wrote:
> What was the rationale for the /20 in the first place?  Was it more than an arbitrary number?

IIRC, it was a compromise between the folks wanting to be PI and the
folks who didn't want their routers to explode.  When routers got
bigger, the minimum went down to /22.

> I can't see any detraction from getting providers to get an ARIN-assigned /24 instead of having to get a /24 from one provider and route it out another, being historically on the "purchasing" side of that arrangement. 

There is one major difference: if you get a /24 from your upstream and
other folks in the DFZ filter it, you can still be reached via your
upstream's aggregate.  If you have a PI /24, there is a much greater
chance of breakage.

> The only downside I can see is providers that think having a customer with their assigned space somehow binds them together, fiscally speaking.

Yes, lock-in is a serious issue.


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