[arin-ppml] Draft Policy 2008-3

RudOlph Daniel rudi.daniel at gmail.com
Sat Aug 29 20:32:01 EDT 2009

Dear List
I would also prefer to see a clear criteria instead of the word
"discretion"...as suggested by ARIN staff. The Caribbean region I would
suggest may well fall into the 25 now and 50 in a year. Also bearing in mind
that the network is entirely staffed by volunteers and could form the basis
of a development model for native v6 too.

In addition, using the US Census bureau's definition of rural and urban may
be a little high for the Caribbean region if set to 2500. Would 1000 not be
more appropriate for the north Atlantic sector and the Caribbean? I am
currently checking to see if we have a local standard.
Rudi Daniel

>  ARIN staff would prefer criteria over discretion. Instead of
> discretion, the policy could give clear criteria for requests from rural
> regions, the Caribbean and North Atlantic Sector. For example, 50 users
> now and 100 in a year (or 25/50, 10/20, etc).
>  The policy would add the term ?rural? to the NRPM. We suggest putting
> ?(population less than 2,500)? after the word ?rural regions?. The US
> Census Bureau definition:  ?All persons living in [urban areas] and in
> places (cities, towns, villages, etc.) with a population of 2,500
> or more outside of [urban areas] are considered the urban population.
> All others are considered rural.?
>  B. ARIN General Counsel
>  Counsel sees no material legal or litigation issues related to this
> policy.
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