[arin-ppml] Update on 2009-3: Global Policy for the Allocation of IPv4 Blocks to RIRs

Scott Leibrand scottleibrand at gmail.com
Mon Aug 17 14:38:47 EDT 2009


Having reviewed all the discussion to date on 2009-3, I'd like to get a 
bit more feedback on changing this:

Each RIR through their respective chosen policies and strategies may 
recover IPv4 address space which is under their administration and 
designate any such space for return to the IANA.

to Bill Herrin's suggested text:

> Where authorized by their respective chosen policies and strategies,
> each RIR shall designate IPv4 address space recovered from its
> registrants for return to the IANA.

before submitting it for staff and legal review in preparation for Dearborn.

Any further comments, objections, or support?


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