[arin-ppml] Timeline for 2008-6 and 2009-1

John Curran jcurran at istaff.org
Fri Apr 3 06:55:12 EDT 2009

In order to continue collection of community input, the ratified policy
2008-6 will not be implemented until after the San Antonio public
policy meeting, April 26-29, 2009.  As previously announced, policy
proposal 2009-1 has been initiated in order to obtain community
consideration of several changes to 2008-6 that the Board believes
will improve policy in this area.

The Board is extending the discussion period for 2009-1 to allow
adequate time for the community to consider it and provide feedback.
After the San Antonio meeting, ARIN Board will adopt any aspects of
2009-1 it feels are warranted.  Any policy thus adopted will be on the
agenda of the next ARIN public policy meeting in October 21-23, 2009.


John Curran
Chair, ARIN Board of Trustees
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