[arin-ppml] 2008-6: Emergency Transfer Policy for IPv4 Addresses

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Tue Sep 30 17:49:09 EDT 2008

Chris Grundemann wrote:

> 3) In contrast to 2008-2, the benefit of this proposal is its
> simplicity and the stated intention that it be held in reserve until
> such time as the board deems it absolutely necessary (of course the
> latter could easily be applied to 2008-2 as well).  Focusing on the
> former; I believe that the simplicity is a benefit because if such a
> time arises that the need for a more liberal transfer policy is
> evident, that policy's effectiveness will hinge upon organizations
> actually following it.  What I really don't want is a liberalized
> transfer policy that is ignored in favor of a more efficacious black
> market.
> 4) The negative is that I do see merit in most of the detailed
> restrictions written into 2008-2 and I fear that should 2008-6 ever be
> adopted the policy process may be too slow to react to problems that
> arose in the created market.  At this time I feel that this negative
> aspect is outweighed by the need to keep such a policy easy to follow
> and by the fact that we really do not know what problems will need
> addressing in an IP market so trying to address them all now may very
> well be futile.

I think the two points above illustrate a central tension in deciding how 
we want a transfer policy to look.  On the one hand, we have general 
agreement that each individual restriction in 2008-2 is merited.  On the 
other hand, there seems to be a general sense that, taken as a whole, 
2008-2 is still a little bit too detailed...

In light of that, the most recent version of 2008-2 has been simplified 
considerably.  I would love to hear feedback from the community as to 
whether we've achieved the right balance, or whether there are any 
restrictions that could be further simplified or removed to strike that 
balance.  Part of what we're trying to accomplish between now and the end 
of the public policy meeting in L.A. is to figure out where consensus lies 
  between 2008-2 and 2008-6...


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