[arin-ppml] Transfer Proposals

mack mack at exchange.alphared.com
Mon Sep 29 22:14:51 EDT 2008

This is my $.02

The current proposals are flawed.
For most of us being able to execute a transfer is a breach of our current contract with ARIN.
The RSA most of us have signed says we have to return unused space if we no longer need it.
The only people who haven't signed such an RSA are the legacy holders.

A better proposal would be more similar to the radio frequency auctions.
Radio frequencies and IP addresses share a lot of similarities.
There are limits on their availability and they can only be used by one entity at a time in a given place.
For radio it is a geographic area.
For IP addresses it is the DFZ.
Not a perfect analogy but a lot better than the alternatives.

Ie. ARIN pays companies to return blocks and improve the efficiency of utilization.
Then auctions the blocks off to approved applicants.
Any 'profit' is used to create incentives for additional returns and/or IPv6.
This would maintain the non-profit status.

An alternative inverse would be to Auction off the rights to a returned block of given size.
Then offer 'rewards' for the return of blocks.
If no blocks are returned the winning bidder gets their money back.
If a smaller block is returned they get a portion back.
This would be repeated until everyone is happy or disillusioned enough to switch to IPv6.

LR Mack McBride
Network Administrator
Alpha Red, Inc.

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