[arin-ppml] 2008-6: Emergency Transfer Policy for IPv4 Addresses

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Mon Sep 29 12:31:40 EDT 2008

> It is becoming clear
> that the complex derivatives being traded were a cover for massive
> fraud. Since IP addresses are not property/assets, the only way
> they can be traded is via derivatives.

This is nonsense. Literally. IP address transfer markets are not
derivative markets, and anyone who asserts this is either ignorant of
the issue or attempting to exploit financial panic to achieve a
predetermined policy objective. Derivatives markets are based on options
and futures. IP address transfers as proposed by various RIR policy
changes directly transfer a valuable but intangible asset from one party
to another. There is no redistribution of risk. 

Let's keep in mind that transfers of IP addresses already happen. Are
you suggesting that they all be stopped? The only difference of a policy
change would be that we now allow money to be a consideration for the
addresses directly, rather than for the corporation as a whole. 

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