[arin-ppml] would you support a proposal to tighten usagedocumentation requirements?

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Thu Sep 18 07:31:23 EDT 2008

> There is a generic idea that has been floating around for 
> some time to create a companion to the NRPM.  It has been 
> proposed as a separate document to provide operational 
> details like you describe, or as an "annotated" version of the NRPM.

That kind of work fits well with the idea of a wiki. Since ARIN
currently runs an instance of Wikimedia for the www.getipv6.info
site, perhaps another wiki coukd be set up for general IP address
management practices. Wikimedia includes the concept of protected
pages so once some aspect of the documentation has "crystalised"
it can be protected until agreement is reached on a new version.
These "crystalised" pages can then be made available on another
ARIN website or as PDF downloads. 

An advantage of doing this on a wiki is that staff could seed it
with initial information and then others can add to it and comment
freely. Because of the wiki format, people are unlikely to misunderstand
this as some sort of decree from the staff.

This is something like what the FAA does at
http://www.faa.gov/airports_airtraffic/air_traffic/publications/ except
the publications would be written on a public wiki.

--Michael Dillon

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