[arin-ppml] CIDR v2.0

Iljitsch van Beijnum iljitsch at muada.com
Wed Sep 17 03:20:44 EDT 2008

On 17 sep 2008, at 3:03, Joe Maimon wrote:

> This is a joke, right?

No. I think it's a good way to free up address space that would  
otherwise go to waste because of the need to use power of two address  
blocks. Not that I think it's going to happen anytime soon... Just  
like with any problem, the issue isn't finding a solution, but paying  
the price.

> Arent you of the ipv6 do or die persuasion?

IPv6 is the way forward. But even if you run IPv6, you can't turn off  
IPv4 just yet so we collectively need to figure out what to do with it  
until we can.

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