[arin-ppml] A compromise on legacy space?

Michael Sinatra michael at rancid.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 9 15:07:45 EDT 2008

On 09/09/08 11:22, Owen DeLong wrote:
>> Group #1:
>>  Definition: Legacy holders who also hold space covered by a regular
>>              ARIN RSA.
> I'd like to refine this a bit.  I think it would be more appropriate  
> to say
> "Legacy Holders who are also Subscriber Members of ARIN."
> This covers those who have allocations from ARIN (ISPs) while leaving
> out those organizations who are end-users. I find it unlikely that end
> users (some of which do have legacy+rsa space) fit in the category
> you are attempting to include here.

What about other non-profit, government and community-based 
organizations that provide services?  And, of course, what about 
universities?  We are covered by RSA for our IPv6 allocation, but our 
IPv4 space is all legacy, and we certainly don't intend to ask for more. 
  In spirit, I'd hope that we fit more into group 2 than group 1.

Would it make more sense to have the definition refer only to IPv4 
space, and ignore, for the purposes of defining the two groups, any IPv6 
RSAs that an entity may have?

>> Now, the question is, how do we treat those two groups differently?   
>> > My
>> > proposal is also simple:
>> >
>> > Group #1:
>> >  Upon the next regular renewal of the ARIN RSA all legacy resources,
>> >  covered by an existing RSA, LRSA, or not covered at all shall be
>> >  rolled under a single, current, ARIN RSA.
>> >
> Or what?  What if the group #1 members do not agree to this or
> do not want to agree with it?  I don't believe ARIN really has the
> authority to do this.  Especially in the case of legacy resources
> covered by LRSA.  The LRSA specifically precludes ARIN taking
> such an action unilaterally if I understand it correctly.

In my case, I suspect state governments and legislatures may have 
something to say about this.  Given the laws of California as they apply 
to contracts with state- and state-supported-agencies, I think there 
might be legal issues in forcing legacy resources into a regular RSA. 
But, of course, IANAL.


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