[arin-ppml] ARIN releases new version of the Legacy Registration

Cliff Bedore cliffb at cjbsys.bdb.com
Sun Sep 7 09:46:26 EDT 2008

I'm curious about why the sudden interest in "outreach/reclamation" of 
Legacy addresses.  We made it 10 years or so without it.  As IPv4 runs 
out,are we really trying to push IPv6 or get back enough IPv4 to stumble 
along for some undetermined length of time.

There seems to be one camp that says don't extend IPv4 by any methods.  
This will take us to the nirvana of IPv6 sooner.  A second group seems 
to want to reclaim IPv4 and/or collect fees from us legacy bums.  
Amazingly, several people on this group seem to be on both groups which 
seems kind of bipolar. (or maybe I just can't keep all the names and 
positions correct)

If the intent is to not extend IPv4, there is no need for outreach since 
Legacy space is only IPv4 and it's going to die.

If the intent is to try to reclaim space to extend IPv4 life, I think 
the LRSA is not needed to do it.  ARIN has no need for an agreement with 
Legacy holders to update the contact information and by definition won't 
have an agreement with those it tries to seize due to no contact..  They 
can outreach to the best of their ability and after X months or years, 
can make a claim that the addresses have been abandoned and if someone 
later complains, let the lawyers fight it out.  For those who do 
respond, ARIN can do whatever due diligence it needs to verify that the 
responder has the right to respond and update records as necessary.  
They need to do this with or without an LRSA and once done, they don't 
need the LRSA, they have the info they need for the whois etc.

If the intent is to raise money from Legacy holders, a much less 
restrictive agreement than the current LRSA would be do the job.  Many 
of us are willing to contribute but feel than any agreement that has any 
option of grabbing our addresses to be a deal breaker.

I think Eric Westbrook gave a good summary of where we are but I'm not 
sure I see why it even came up and knowing that might help reach a 
solution that answers that "why do this at all"

Cliff Bedore

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