[arin-ppml] maintenance fees for legacy space holders

Owen DeLong owen at delong.com
Thu Sep 4 16:17:07 EDT 2008

On Sep 4, 2008, at 12:27 PM, J. R. Westmoreland wrote:

>> Approaching 67000 discrete legacy objects, so that's your
>> denominator.  You can do the math: 67k * $10 is $670,000.
>> That's 5% of ARIN's 2008 budget.
>> Would this be fairer?
>> [J. R. W. >] Yes. I'd go along with that. In fact, not wanting to be
>> a real
>> problem, I'd be willing to pay $20 per year. That would be almost
>> 1.3m. I
>> only hold a class C /24 and have always asked myself about the  
>> class A
>> people getting such a good deal but if legacy space was $20 or $25,
>> being a
>> small consultant, I'd be much happier and be willing to jump on  
>> board.
> But, to meet ARIN's current budget, everyone would need to go to
> $200 per object... ($10 got you to 5% of the budget, so, you need
> 20 times that to meet the budget)
> [J. R. W. >] I thought we were talking about legacy. Did I miss  
> something?
> Are the numbers above for all address space?

OK... Perhaps my bad.  For legacy, I'm not really concerned about
the amount. Any money collected is an improvement over the current
situation.  In my opinion, in the legacy case, the purpose of the fee
is to ensure that someone stands up once a year and says to
ARIN "Yes, I'm still using that resource and it still has meaning
to me. My contact information is still correct, thank you."

I think that $10 would be too low to accomplish anything but
the last part. (If the contact information lapsed, the $10 would
stop arriving). However, for amounts less than $50, in my
experience, many individuals and organizations will just
keep paying it once a year without even really looking at
it in detail or thinking about whether they still need to.

However, I agree that $100 is more than is necessary solely
for that purpose.

The problem comes in trying to justify why you have a different
pricing model for Legacy than for everyone else who is (and has
been) paying the standard fees for years.

If we're going to drop the annual maintenance fee to some lower
level, I'd like to see that happen across the board rather than
just for legacy holders.  Thus, we'd need to calculate it
in those terms.


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