[arin-ppml] The LRSA $100 fee...

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Tue Sep 2 12:47:34 EDT 2008

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> of addresses as a diminishing resource. Without transparency, nothing
> even vaguely similar to ARIN's current management process can exist.
> Privacy and anonymity are forms of secrecy. They have an important
> role in our society, but secrecy is fundamentally incompatible with
> transparency. You can't have both.

I was talking about DNS Whois. One must be very careful indeed to keep
the conversations about DNS and IP address whois distinct. 

As I think my other posts have made clear, it is perfectly appropriate
for address Whois records to identify the assignee who occupies the
resources, especially when this has operational implications regarding
routing, address hijacking, etc. 

And as McTim's post made clear, one has to be careful to segregate the
true operational needs from other kinds of needs that might be loaded on
to a Whois system. 

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