[arin-ppml] Some observations on the differences in the varioustransfer policy proposals

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> Thanks for your note David.
> You have noted that the analogy with a title office has 
> parallels between deaggregation and subdivision, and the 
> regulation of such deaggregation. I think you are making that 
> point that a title office may be able to apply some 
> constraint on deaggregation either by applying some 
> regulatory constraint in its own right, or conforming to some 
> third party acting in a regulatory capacity.
> The observation I made was that the ability of the registry 
> to impose regulatory constraints was mitigated by its 
> enforcement capability. When a registry imposes conditions 
> that are not universally accepted then alternate registries 
> appear - the IRR story is a good example of registry 
> proliferation and some aspects of attendant problems that 
> this causes 
> (http://www.nanog.org/meetings/nanog44/presentations/Tuesday/R
> AS_irrdata_N44.pdf
> ).
> I'm not arguing with the desireability of aggregation in the 
> routing system, but what I have been saying is that the 
> registry function in and of itself does not necessarily have 
> the apropriate enforement ability, and that imposing such a 
> burden on the registry in terms of access policies runs the 
> distinct risk of heading down the path already travelled with 
> route registries, which I personally do not think is a 
> desireable path.
> kind regards,
>    Geoff Huston
>     Disclaimer : still speaking for myself, of course.

Good point David.  People here tend to forget that there is no government
with an army forcing you to use a specific registrar.  The reasons that
people use the registry is that it works and it is easier than doing it
yourself.  If it stops being easier then people can find ways to use a
different registry or to use their own.  Nobody -(not even the registrar)-
have any dog given right to the numbers.  We all agree to abide by the
registry instructions because it is incredibly less confusing and hugely
less work.  When that stops being the case then all bets are off.
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