[arin-ppml] The problem with IPv4 bogon and listing them

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Wed Oct 29 19:34:22 EDT 2008

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> Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> > Kevin, let's talk about bogons.  We have Cymru running their list 
> > here:
> >
> > http://www.cymru.com/Documents/bogon-list.html
> >
> > but, I'll quote from the text on the list:
> >
> > "...IANA allocations change over time, so please check back 
> regularly 
> > to ensure you have the latest filters. I can not stress this point 
> > strongly enough - these allocations change, as often as every four 
> > months...."
> >
> > Checking back every 4 MONTHS?  So that means if I request 
> IPv4 that's 
> > dirty, on this list, and I get it, that I have to wait 4 
> months before 
> > using it?
> No.  According to staff comments, when a block is returned or 
> revoked, 
> it is placed on hold for _at least_ 6 mos if it is "clean" and much 
> longer if it is "dirty".  If folks keep their bogon (or 
> spammer) filters 
> up to date, there should be no problem at all.

Let me fast forward for a moment:

It is now 2015 and it's been a few years since the last IANA-assigned
"virgin" IPv4 has been allocated from ARIN.

The large ISPs are now heavily into native IPv6 for Vista dialups, and
private IPv4 for everyone else, all going to large IPv4<->IPv6 translators,
as well as IPv4<->IPv4 nats.  It's fricken ugly for them, but they have
the cash to have a staff of network admins to keep the kludges running.

I'm a small ISP needing a portable block because I'm too big for my
to hand me IP address blocks anymore, and besides I don't trust them any
than I can spit a rat and definitely don't want the golden handcuffs.  I
I need to run both IPv4 and IPv6 on my net to connect customers.  But, I
have the expertise or time to keep a massive kludge/proxy thing running, so
what I want to do is KISS, that is, run IPv6 and public IPv4.

I go to ARIN for my small /21 IPv4 and my IPv6.  ARIN gives me the IPv6
immediately.  ARIN then gives me 3 options for getting IPv4:

1) Go on a waiting list and wait until God-knows how long
2) Take a "dirty" block that was just returned last week
3) try to find some abandonded IPv4 block floating around out there
that may or may not have been hijacked, and ARIN hasn't gotten around
to collecting up.

I think you know what I'm going to do.  I'll take the dirty block and
take my chances with it.  After all, all I really need to do is start
assigning from it, and when my customers call saying they can't get to
AOL or some place like that, I just need to contact AOL and ask them to
pull my newly-assigned block off their bogon list.  Which, knowing AOL,
after enough trouble, they will do it.


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