[arin-ppml] The problem with IPv4 bogon and listing them

Stephen Sprunk stephen at sprunk.org
Wed Oct 29 19:12:36 EDT 2008

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> I don't see that yet another fee is necessary here.  ARIN already has a database - whois.

I would expect that WHOIS is an interface into an internal database by 
some other name.

> An effort really needs to be made to get the number blocks listed in whois to align with what is actually assigned, don't you think?  Whois should not list network entries for blocks that are in the free pool, and there should not be assigned blocks that lack an entry in whois.

Ideally, yes.

> Ideally, a bogon list should be able to be generated by running a query that iterates through every /24 in the IP numberspace and queries it against the whois database, and the list would be all queries that return "no object found"

That almost qualifies as a DoS attack against the WHOIS servers.  Better 
would be for ARIN to publish a list of ranges (in the /8s they maintain) 
of unassigned addresses in text, XML, and/or other convenient formats.  
Once the software is written, it should be trivial to publish the 
results.  These sorts of things are perfect for the ACSP.


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