[arin-ppml] The Library Book Approach to IPv4 Scarcity

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Wed Oct 29 09:52:25 EDT 2008

Rants first, then content.. Top posted because it didn't fit well inline..

What you are proposing could easily turn in to an excessive annual manpower
requirement for an ISP.  It could easily be forgotten or mis-assigned with
terrible consequences.  

We have enough red tape in the IT world already.  Don't create more.

It amazes me how many people feel free to spend my money.  "Do what I want
or I will send you a bill"..  There is nothing wrong with charging for a
service rendered, I don't mind paying for something that I get value from,
but please keep niggling fingers out of my budget.

There is already a requirement to keep contact information updated.  ARIN
can already use existing policy to reclaim abandoned space.  ARIN is very
good at what they do and there are real reasons they have or have not taken
action on these networks.

As I have commented other places, if we want to restrict abandoned or bogon
networks a much better idea would be to publish the contact update date in
the network record.  This data could be used by the publishers of various
bogon lists that the community can take advantage of to prune routing
tables.  If the community is actively concerned ARIN could publish an
"official" bogon list that could be incorporated into routing decisions.
This would actually not hurt the network operators who are legitimately
using stale contact networks for peering connections, and would allow the
community to protect itself from hijackers.  As I think about it I am
surprised there is not an official ARIN bogon list already, it seems like a
natural function.  Maybe it does exist and I am ignorant of it.  Please feel
free to educate me.

This is an issue that would much more ethically be resolved by education and
community action than through punitive regulation. Let's continue to work
cooperatively as a community and avoid as many adversarial policies as
possible. Corporeal punishment is the refuge of the lazy parent.

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> > I am suggesting that the space gets recovered for 
> reassignment.   This is
> > significantly more consequential to people than paying a fee, and 
> > achieves the original goal of the proposal.
> That is pretty much where I started; either you provide 
> adequate verifiable documentation of use, or you loose the 
> space.  As I thought about this though, I came to the 
> conclusion that it would be too harsh (for lack of a better 
> word at the moment), at least at this point.
> With the fear that no-excuses reclamation was too extreme, I 
> "softened" the penalty to a fee (to be set outside of the 
> policy) and further, gave a way (two actually) to avoid the 
> fee (and even the whole documentation process).  This was not 
> intended to complicate the policy, only to make it reach it's 
> goal in a manner I hoped would be more palatable (and easier 
> to comply with) by the community as a whole.
> Perhaps there is a way to remove the penalty statement 
> altogether and still ensure that the policy is actually 
> enforced (somehow)?
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