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Jo Rhett jrhett at svcolo.com
Wed Oct 22 20:20:46 EDT 2008

On Oct 22, 2008, at 4:19 PM, Stephen Sprunk wrote:
>>> An organization will receive an invoice for its ARIN annual   
>>> maintenance fee two months before the fee is due. The due date  
>>> for  fees is the last day of the month in which an organization's   
>>> anniversary date occurs.  An anniversary date is the day on which  
>>> an  organization received its first resource from ARIN. Payment  
>>> must be  made by the due date, in accordance with the Registration  
>>> Services  Agreement. If fees are not paid, the number resources  
>>> related to the  invoice will be subject to revocation.
>>> When a single Org ID has more than one resource registered with  
>>> ARIN  (e.g. AS numbers, IPv4 or IPv6 assignments, or network  
>>> transfers),  ARIN charges only a single maintenance fee of $100  
>>> annually.
>> The next section is online payments.  So my question is not  
>> answered.   So I scan the entire document and .. guess what,  
>> there's not a single  table in the document labeled "annual  
>> maintenance fees".  What is my  annual maintenance fee?  How do I  
>> figure this out?
> See above (in your own quote) where it says "ARIN charges only a  
> single maintenance fee of $100 annually."  That is the maintenance  
> fee for end-user orgs, regardless of how many resources you have or  
> how big they are.

Ah, but this paragraph is not in the end-user section of the  
document.  It's in a completely different section.  So when I'm  
reading it, I'm thinking "okay, why are we paying >$4k a year then?"

> I do think the wording could be a bit clearer, and the differences  
> between end-user and LIR fees are definitely not clear enough for  
> those who aren't aware of the distinction between "assignment" and  
> "allocation".  Even here on PPML, folks use the wrong term on a  
> daily basis.
> Suggestion to Lee: Break up the document into an LIR section, an End- 
> User section and a Legacy End-User section.  Each section would  
> describe the fees for new resources of each type (except legacy,  
> obviously) and annual maintenance.  That would eliminate a lot of  
> jumping around.

I agree.

> I haven't found any examples of that yet, but I agree that it's  
> tough to read in its current arrangement.

Is that a challenge to find more?  I'm tempted, but frankly need to  
focus on other things right now :-(

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