[arin-ppml] fee schedule and allocation

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Wed Oct 22 17:55:16 EDT 2008

Alan Batie wrote:
> Having just done so under the latter case, I have a couple of questions,
> ok, one question derived from two cases:
> 1.  One of our customers said something about trying to get an end-user
> block and couldn't.

In IPv6, the current policy is that you have to either qualify for an IPv4 
assignment (~1000 hosts multihomed, or ~4000 singly-homed), or already 
have an efficiently used direct IPv4 assignment under RSA.  For smaller 
networks, current policy encourages them to get an assignment from one of 
their upstreams.

There have been proposals to make v6 assignment criteria independent of 
the v4 criteria, and I suspect at some point we'll pass something along 
those lines.

> 2.  I thought /32, i.e. 4 billion networks, was insanely large for us
> and we're an ISP (albeit a small regional).  I'd asked for a /48 and was
> told that /32 was the minimum being given out (which I can almost
> understand, actually, though I think /40 would have still been plenty).
> What is actually being handed out now?

That's still correct.  ISP (LIR) assignments are /32 or larger, and 
end-user are /48 or larger.  The main justification for the LIR /32 
minimum is to make sure that they never have to come back for space, even 
when using a hierarchical assignment model on byte boundaries (i.e. a /40 
per region, and /48 per customer).  It's also somewhat helpful to have the 
same size on most allocations, for ease of filtering.


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