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> > >>> Obviously nobody on this list cares about establishing
> > simple market-based incentives to get IPv6 moving.
> > >>>       
> > >> That is not ARIN's job.
> I should've chimed in a couple of messages ago; ARIN's job is 
> not to establish market-based incentives for anything.  
> There's nothing inherently wrong with doing so, it's just 
> that we'd need community consensus that we should do so.  To 
> date, there has not been member consensus that ARIN should 
> increase fees by order(s) of magnitude in order to drive 
> organizations away from IPv4.
> > > This must be ARINv4 list.  Is there an ARINv6 list?  How
> > did all that
> > > IPv6 crap get on the ARIN.NET web site?
> > 
> > ARIN is chartered to steward number resources; it is not 
> chartered to 
> > promote one type of resource over the others.
> > Mr. Curran has made that quite clear in past discussions.

I personally agree with what you are saying.  In The ARIN bylaws the ARIN
mission is explicitly stated as:

"ARIN shall be operated exclusively for nonprofit educational, charitable,
and scientific
purposes, including, without limitation, the purposes stated in ARIN's
Articles of

There is nothing in there about promoting one protocol over another with
fees or other incentives, there is nothing about concern for profit

However, in the Articles of Incorporation the task charging ARIN "to manage
the allocation and registration of Internet resource" is eighth on the list,
well under the task in fifth place "to do all and everything necessary to
enhance the growth of the Internet and the prospects for competition among
Internet Service Providers by encouraging the exploration and implementation
of solutions to Internet Protocol number scarcity issues".

Depending on interpretation of that task it could be well within the charter
to promote IPv6 via unrestricted means.

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