[arin-ppml] Why not NAT for Dorms (Was: Suggestion: charging for IPv4 space)

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Wed Oct 22 13:12:26 EDT 2008

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> Suggestion: charging for IPv4 space)
> On 21 Oct 2008 Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:
> > For myself I do not understand why all of these academic users keep 
> > throwing up examples of student dormotories that chew up 
> vast blocks 
> > of IPv4.  Why does ANY student that is getting Internet 
> connectivity 
> > for free from the college expect to get a public IPv4 number?
> There are so many reasons, let me educate you on just a few;

Hi David,

  Thank you very much for this specific example of the
financial disincentives of a large IPv4 holder to release
IPv4.  As you may possibly have guessed, I threw that question
out there as much as a rhetorical question as anything else.

  I could have simply responded to the people posting to this
list that large IPv4 holders aren't going to give up their
allocations, no matter how much plum jam or prune juice
they think is out there.

  But, you did a much better job of it for me.

  Hopefully the plum eaters take note and will drop their
insistence that there's millions of IPv4 out there just
waiting for the picking.


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