[arin-ppml] "Millions of Internet AddressesAre LyingIdle" (slashdot)

Ron Cleven rlc at usfamily.net
Wed Oct 22 04:04:42 EDT 2008

michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
>>It might be good for society if lots of ISPs go bankrupt
>>>because they hit a brick wall and are unable to grow their
>>>networks two to three years from now, just as the economic
>>>recovery picks up steam. We don't need everybody to do the
>>>right thing. In fact, if only a dozen national/regional ISPs
>>>do the right thing, it will probably be good enough because
>>>they will snap up the assets of their competition in three 
>>>years and roll out more of their successful IPv6 deployment.
>>I totally agree.  I am completely against small businesses and the 
>>innovation they bring to the market-place.
> I never said anything about small businesses. If you would do
> a bit of research you would learn that small businesses are
> the ones that are leading the move to IPv6. Look at companies
> like AAISP in the UK or XS4ALL in the Netherlands or Hurricane
> Electric in the USA.

My mistake.  I took your comment to mean you thought the world would be 
a better place if only a dozen national/regional ISP's existed after the 
dust settled.

>>Obviously nobody on this list 
>>cares about 
>>establishing simple market-based incentives to get IPv6 moving.
> That is not ARIN's job.

This must be ARINv4 list.  Is there an ARINv6 list?  How did all that 
IPv6 crap get on the ARIN.NET web site?  I forgot about your previous 
point that ARIN does not worry about any solutions being practical. 
Hence, I compounded my error, as obviously using simple market-based 
incentives to get IPv6 moving falls dangerously into the realm of the 
practical.  Don't worry, I promise I will never make any more 
suggestions that violate that tenet.  Heaven help us if someone (as 
another example of such stupidity) actually suggested that ARIN would 
phase out IPv4 allocations to organizations who do not, in parallel, 
support IPv6.

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