[arin-ppml] Tax incentive for renumbering-related labor costs?

Ted Mittelstaedt tedm at ipinc.net
Tue Oct 21 18:33:31 EDT 2008

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> Subject: [arin-ppml] Tax incentive for renumbering-related 
> labor costs?
> Anyone care to suggest plausible "ballpark" 
> renumbering-related labor  
> costs for one IPv4 /24?
> I vaguely recall hearing about a couple of private studies 
> estimating  
> such costs...

What is this /24 used on?

If it's used on a colocated virtual webserver that has 5,000
domain names it is serving websites for, the cost could be quite high.

Otherwise, assuming every number on the subnet is in use, if it
is like most of them, you could start the renumber Friday evening and
have it completed by Monday morning, assuming you worked steadily
at it for 4-5 hours Friday, and 10-12 hours Saturday.

> Anyone think that this kind of tax incentive would be sufficient to  
> motivate returns to ARIN?

tax incentives never motivated anyone to do anything.  tax incentives
are convenient political potatos that the politicians like to use
to prove that they are actually doing something about a problem when
in reality they are doing absolutely nothing.

> What (if any) legal changes would be required to permit U.S.-based  
> IPv4 holders to claim U.S. tax benefits like this for address space  
> returned to ARIN?

None whatsoever.  It takes labor to do these, you pay your employees
more labor for the extra time, you get to take it off your gross, thus
dropping your taxable net.  You also help stimulate the economy
by putting more money in your employees pockets, instead of giving it
to the investors who are just going to use it to speculate in home
mortgages that they are going to later short sell anyway.


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