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> michael.dillon at bt.com wrote:
> >>Until and unless someone can describe, in simple layman's
> >>terms, a rational transition plan to IPv6, I don't see it happening.
> > 
> > 
> > The laymen have already transitioned to IPv6.
> > 
> Very cute.

I have a smartphone, a Motorola Q running Windows Mobile 5 on it
on the Sprint network.  When I ran the Microsoft networking tools on
the phone it clearly showed that Sprint has assigned IPv6 numbers to
it's cellular data network.  When I surf the web on my phone I am
going through a IPv6->IPv4 gateway.  Ironically, if I go to
http://www.ipv6porn.co.nz/ I DO NOT see the free porn on the phone,
indicating that Sprint's IPv6->IPv4 gateways are NOT connected to
the IPv6 Internet.  What morons!

A great many laymen have cell phones nowadays.

> > 
> >>2) How can the transition be simplified?
> > 
> > 
> > It can't. Changing a big network that carries millions of dollars 
> > worth of traffic every day is never simple.
> > 
> Ok, I'll accept that answer for now.  My gut tells me, however, that 
> simply not enough thought has gone into it.

How do you eat an elephant?  A bit at a time.

> It might be good for society if lots of ISPs go bankrupt
> > because they hit a brick wall and are unable to grow their networks 
> > two to three years from now, just as the economic recovery picks up 
> > steam. We don't need everybody to do the right thing. In 
> fact, if only 
> > a dozen national/regional ISPs do the right thing, it will 
> probably be 
> > good enough because they will snap up the assets of their 
> competition 
> > in three years and roll out more of their successful IPv6 
> deployment.
> > 
> I totally agree.  I am completely against small businesses and the 
> innovation they bring to the market-place.

Don't be foolish.  The smaller ISPs have it a lot easier to migrate
to IPv6.

> Obviously nobody on this list 
> cares about 
> establishing simple market-based incentives to get IPv6 moving.

We already have them.  It's called "use IPv6 post-runout or you will
go out of business"  Seems pretty much of an incentive to me.


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