[arin-ppml] What will be the end result of IPv4 exhaustion?

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Tue Oct 21 15:10:45 EDT 2008

Paul Vixie wrote:

> this is why to me the most salient of underexposed positions among those with
> runout proposals is: do they consider IPv6 inevitable, or do they think that
> some combination of deaggregation plus NAT plus their proposal could make IPv4
> last forever or at least last until something other than IPv6 can develope?
> i really think the community deserves to know/evaluate/choose *that* agenda.

My own opinion is that whatever transfer/reclamation policy we implement, 
it will simply smooth out and mitigate some of the negative effects of an 
abrupt transition to IPv6.  To put it another way, it makes it possible to 
extend the dual-stack phase of the v4-v6 transition so that we aren't 
forcing some organizations to turn off v4 before everyone else has turned 
on v6.

The precise timing of the various phases will depend on a lot of factors, 
but I don't foresee sticking with v4 for another decade as even remotely 


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