[arin-ppml] "Millions of Internet Addresses AreLying Idle"(slashdot)

michael.dillon at bt.com michael.dillon at bt.com
Tue Oct 21 06:01:26 EDT 2008

> 	We don't have infinite resources. As such, reclamation 
> is definitely NOT the place where our limited resources will 
> have the greatest effect.

I agree that a reclamation policy aimed at staving off IPv4 exhaustion
is a waste of our time. However, a reclamation policy aimed at the
new reality of an IPv6 Internet is worthwhile. This will be a world
where IPv4 infrastructure is steadily, if slowly, being phased out
and shutdown. At that time, there will still be many non-Internet 
users of IPv4 addresses, and it is entirely possible that they will
be used for special purposes for another 20 years or longer. In that
case our responsibility as stewards is to make sure that the bulk 
of the unneeded IPv4 address space is recovered so that it is
available for future use.

--Michael Dillon

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