[arin-ppml] Some observations on the differences in the various transfer policy proposals

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Sun Oct 19 21:47:46 EDT 2008


In your article you imply that the RIRs' registry functions are not the 
proper lever from which to apply the various regulatory functions that the 
community has indicated are needed.  Where/how would you propose the 
regulatory function reside / be applied instead?

Or, to put a more practical face on the same question: how do you propose 
that the industry deal with the deaggregation that will result from the 
widespread transfer of small netblocks (as allowed under prop-50)?

I agree that restricting deaggregation through regulating access to the 
registry will not be 100% effective, but it seems more likely to be 
effective than any alternative I've seen so far.


Geoff Huston wrote:
> Hi,
> At the ARIN meeting last week the question arose as to why the various  
> policy proposals related to address transfers in the different RIRs  
> were so different. I made some comments in response to this question  
> from my perspective and then I had some followup questions mailed to  
> me, so I thought maybe there is some value in writing up from my  
> perspective. After all there is still some difference between the  
> proposal(s) before ARIN and Proposal-50 before APNIC, and  the  
> question as to why this difference exists is an interesting one.
> If you are interested its at: http://www.potaroo.net/ispcol/2008-11/transfers.html
> thanks,
>     Geoff Huston
>     DIsclaimer: I'm speaking for myself, again!
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