[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal 2008-4 - Staff Assessment

Bill Darte BillD at cait.wustl.edu
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ARIN did not initiate the proposed change for the Caribbean sector.

My first experience with issues surrounding this proposal was in a
pre-sector meeting in St. Thomas February of '07.

There, many representatives of the Caribbean community voiced a variety
of concerns related to limited infrastructure, lack of competition  due
to powerful and protected imcumbency, etc.  They learned much about ARIN
and learned more during the whole region meeting in Puerto Rico the
following Spring at ARIN XIX. 

Cathy and Paul may correct me, but I believe the impetus for the actual
writing of the proposal came during Open Policy Hour at ARIN XXI in
Denver.  There, Bernadette Lewis, Secretary General of the Caribbean
Telecommunications Union spoke about the need for change and support
with addressing policy.

Cathy and Paul responded by crafting a draft proposal very shortly

Bill Darte

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> > David,
> > 
> > Although I get what you're saying currently the Arctic 
> Regions aren't asking
> > for a change in ARIN policy.   This proposal was asked for 
> by a specific
> > subset of our community and it was written in an effort to 
> serve the needs
> > of that community.    I personally feel that the ARIN staff 
> has defined that
> > region in their response to this proposal.  I am not wedded to its 
> > name and if we want to call this policy something else 
> that's fine.  I 
> > object to making it a kitchen sink proposal (which will definitely 
> > delay this proposal from approval) that includes segments of the 
> > community that didn't ask for and don't necessarily need 
> this policy.
> >
> > ----Cathy
> I here you saying that this should only apply to the 
> "Caribbean Region" 
> because they are the ones that asked for it. 
> However, the rational states that; "ARIN staff have noted 
> that organizations in the Caribbean region have problems...", 
>  This make it sound like this was initiated by ARIN noticing 
> problems.  If this is the case then I'm asking why the issue 
> is only limited to the Caribbean region.  If ARIN is going to 
> initiate a change then why shouldn't it be more broadly defined.  
> If it is truly the case that you state above "this proposal 
> was asked for by a specific subset of our community (the 
> Caribbean region)" then the rational should say that, and not 
> start out with "ARIN staff have noted that organizations in 
> the Caribbean region have problems..."  
> I believe the currently stated rationale equally applies to 
> "Antarctica, Bouvet Islands, US Minor Outlying Islands, St 
> Pierre and Miquelon, Heard and McDonald Islands and St 
> Helena" and If this is an ARIN initiate change it should 
> include these too.  If you don't believe the rational equally 
> applies to these, then help me understand why?  Or, if this 
> was truly initiated by the Caribbean region, provide a more 
> accurate Rationale.
> As I have said, I think this is an important policy, and call 
> for the inclusion of these 7other countries within the ARIN 
> Region to the 21 countries you are saying make up the 
> Caribbean region.
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