[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: Annual WHOIS POC Validation -Revised

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Sun Oct 5 12:23:06 EDT 2008


I would be much more in favor of this sort of language than the more 
detailed requirements the current proposal.  If you have specific 
recommendations, you can always put those detailed examples in the 
Rationale as suggestions for implementation.  That makes sure they won't 
get lost amongst the PPML discussion, but also avoids cluttering up the 
policy manual.


Chris Grundemann wrote:
> So you would be more likely to support something along the lines of
> the following?
> ARIN will conduct WHOIS POC validation annually.  Unresponsive POC
> email addresses should be marked as such in the database.  If ARIN
> staff deems a POC to be completely and permanently abandoned or
> otherwise illegitimate, the record should be locked or deleted.
> Following this validation each year, a list of address blocks with
> zero valid POCs should be made easily available to the community.
> I wonder how others feel about this less operationally detailed verbiage?
> ~Chris
> On Sun, Oct 5, 2008 at 2:47 AM,  <michael.dillon at bt.com> wrote:
>>> <Summary of changes in Version 2>
>>> "...is not received within 's/14 days/the responce period/', every..."
>>> Lets ARIN staff adjust the period year to year, based on the
>>> number of false positives from the years before.
>> While I like sensible processes such as your proposed change,
>> I do not like the idea of ARIN policy containing such detailed
>> instructions to staff on something which really is irrelevant
>> to ARIN's mission.
>> Who really cares how ARIN staff makes the determination that
>> a Point Of Contact (POC) is no longer contactable?
>> Why couldn't a policy just mandate that ARIN staff verify,
>> annually, that Points Of Contact are indeed contactable
>> as advertised?
>> This type of micromanagement will kill the ARIN policy process
>> because it draws attention away from things where a change in
>> policy could actually have a positive impact. Note that I am
>> in favor of mandating staff to verify POCs annually. I'm just
>> not in favor of specifying any kind of detail in how they do
>> it. I trust that that the staff and the Board of Trustees can
>> understand plain English without having their workplans fed
>> to them in this level of detail.
>> --Michael Dillon
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