[arin-ppml] 2008-6: Emergency Transfer Policy for IPv4 Addresses

Kevin Kargel kkargel at polartel.com
Wed Oct 1 16:27:04 EDT 2008

My argument is no more rhetoric than "It's gonna happen anyway so we might
as well do it too.."

Just because someone else does something is not justification for everyone
to do it..

That is the most childish of reasoning and is used by six year olds

The sale of IP's is a harmful and/or exploitive activity.  Direct transfers
of IP addresses could prevent them from being available in the global pool.
Small consumers without deep pockets or not at favor with the trading
community will be at a distinct disadvantage.  Your small ISP could well
find itself without the possibility of even purchasing IP's at all because
the big corp that is holding them will only sell to partners and peers and
will withold them from anyone it deems a competitor or even an annoyance.
As an IP cable TV provider what do you think is going to happen when you go
to your competitor to purchase their "excess" IP's?

Do you claim that big businesses never do anything unfair or unethical so
that would never happen?

This is just one tiny example.  The direct transfer concept is rife with
ways that it could be abused.

There are already methods and policies giving methods for transfer of IP
addresses.  The ONLY difference is that the existing methods do not give the
surrenderor absolute control so they cannot demand money for the action.  

ARIN has in the past been very helpful and accomodating when one company
bought another.  IP blocks have been transferred to the new network owner.
There is no reason that this cooperation should change in the future.  

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> Again with the equation of a simple, rational and not 
> intrinsically illegal or harmful economic transaction with 
> harmful and exploitive activities. This is just pure 
> rhetoric. Please try to elevate your discussion of the topic 
> to an appropriate level. 
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> >  Again with the "It's gonna happen anyway" argument..
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> > Again I say then should we legitimize selling heroin to
> schoolchildren?
> > Child prostitution? Sales of pirated coyrighted material?
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