[arin-ppml] "Millions of Internet Addresses Are Lying Idle" (slashdot)

Paul Vixie vixie at isc.org
Sat Oct 18 17:01:17 EDT 2008

"The most comprehensive scan of the entire internet for several decades
shows that millions of allocated addresses simply aren't being
used. Professor John Heidemann from the University of Southern California
(USC) used ICMP and TCP to scan the internet. Even though the last IPv4
addresses will be handed out in a couple of years, his survey reveals that
many of the addresses allocated to big companies and institutions are lying
idle. Heidemann says: 'People are very concerned that the IPv4 address
space is very close to being exhausted. Our data suggests that maybe there
are better things we should be doing in managing the IPv4 address space.'
So, is it time to reclaim those unused addresses before the IPv6 crunch?"


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