[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv4 Recovery Fund / history lesson #1

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Tue Nov 25 11:10:30 EST 2008

It's really sad that someone with your intelligence has chosen to stoop
to becoming a kind of listserv stalker whose sole object is to target an
individual person. I don't intend to respond any more. 

A few responses below indicate the kind of games you are playing, but
basically I don't have time for this and as far as I can tell it's out
of scope for ARIN PPML and has nothing to do with the specific policies
we are discussing.

> -----Original Message-----
> Here's an example of a clear prediction, albeit one that history has
> tested and found wanting:
> Mid-1996 (just before the US Telecom Act of 1996 went into effect):
> "He (Mueller) said New Zealand's lack of regulation meant issue would
> be settled by courts.

This did, in fact happen. The issue went into the courts and the
incumbent was required to interconnect. 

> Case demonstrated that govt. intervention is
> needed only at beginning and that competition is viable without equal
> access." [2]

You (very dishonestly) present this as a scientific prediction, when in
fact it is a cryptic journalist's summary of a wide-ranging discussion
at a panel. A scientific prediction would indicate a _specific kind_ of
government intervention and then attribute specific effects to it. 

"equal access" means something very distinctive in U.S. telecom
regulation. I would not recommend that any country in the world try to
replicate us equal access regulations, especially the Computer Inquiry 3
Competition is possible without equal access; whether it is the best
policy is debatable. It's not a debate we are having here.

> +++++
> Here's an example of the selective assertion of mutually contradictory
> claims to different audiences:

On the contrary, these selective quotes only demonstrate your utter
confusion or complete dishonesty. 

First, you juxtapose statements from me about address space with
statements about _ICANN_. 

Second, all RIR's are already "privatized" organizationally, aren't
they? I was referring specifically to legal ownership of address blocks.

Third, none of these statements are predictions. 

Fourth, some of them were made more than 10 years ago in the heat of
developments and of course many things were uncertain. 

Please don't bother me or the list with any more of this kind of
immature behavior.

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