[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv4 Recovery Fund

Eliot Lear lear at cisco.com
Mon Nov 24 23:59:46 EST 2008

On 11/24/08 11:12 PM, Kevin Kargel wrote:
> [Kevin says:]
> US government organizations are not only considering conversion, but are
> already mandated to currently provide IPv6 connectivity on their
> backbones.  This mandate was proclaimed way back in 2005.  The same is
> true of many global governments, of whom the US is not the leading edge.
> US DoT are already using IPv6 on government circuits..  I don't know
> where you are getting your facts but these were fallacies that only
> promoted falsehood.

Really?  And how about the California Department of Motor Vehicles, or 
the Indiana Family & Social Services Agency or the Mexican Federales?  I 
don't know where you live, but how about your local department of 
emergency services or your hospital?  Are they v6 ready?

> One more statement, while it is good and necessary to maintain IPv4 for
> existing networks who do not wish to evolve, I do not think there is any
> moral imperative (in fact I think it is impossible) to maintain a steady
> supply of IPv4 for all comers forever.  You can't get blood from a rock.
> Attempting to maintain a limitless supply of a finite resource is a
> certain way to fail.

Nobody said ANYTHING about a limitless supply.  What many of us are 
asking is what to do with a scarcity.  Some of the above sites will need 
address space, and their need will not go unmet, although the usefulness 
of their service to the community may diminish.


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