[arin-ppml] Policy Proposal: IPv4 Recovery Fund / history lesson #2

Milton L Mueller mueller at syr.edu
Mon Nov 24 12:48:26 EST 2008

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> Milton, has it occurred to you that the vast majority of the people  
> you're trying to influence are the same "beauty contest 
> winners" that you frequently like to disparage?

Tom, you've missed the target again. Needs assessment as an
appropriation limit on a free pool is justifiable when there is a free
pool. When there is no free pool, then technical needs assessment takes
a back seat to relative value assessment. That has been my point. 

> If ARIN's past allocation policies  
> had no legitimate, objective, non-arbitrary basis, then why 
> should its beneficiaries have any special say in how the 
> resources are ultimately  
> disposed of now? Why are you making your case to them at all? 

I see as much support on this list for my position as for yours. I
reject your attempt to construct an "us vs. them" dichotomy here. I
suspect people on this list are reasonably rational and can recognize
when policies need to change.

> In fact,  
> since you and others have pooh-poohed the technical risks of radical  
> de-aggregation, why shouldn't the resources just be delegated 

Whoa. Cite one instance in which I have supported "radical
de-aggregation." I dont recall doing that and so it would help for you
to cite exactly what you are talking about.

> If "big bang"  
> style privatization* is coming to Internet resources

Tom, you are the only person talking about privatization, much less "big
bang" style privatization. The rest of us are talking about instituting
economic incentives for transfers of scarce ipv4 resources.  

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