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The total investment that must be made is so massive, because there are so
many orgs, and so much of that "inexpensive" sub $100 V4-only equipment
floating about. The trouble is the investment doesn't have to be large for
any single org to stop them from making it.  In most cases, orgs just have
to think that the probable immediate benefit is not more than the cost, to
rule out investing in V6. Long-term potential benefits or "it's best to the
community" are conveniently ignored in many cases. It doesn't involve some
sort of  investment in infrastructure to setup V6 functionality?
Innumerable orgs run XP, and V6 is disabled by default, that's hundreds of
thousands of PCs.  The fact that anyone even thinks about turning it on
means there is planning involved. Planning deployment of a new IP protocol
also takes investment, typically, just for the consulting or internal IT
costs in terms of man-hours spent creating the plan. And what about the cost
to corporations having to retrain their IT staff to deal with V6?  And
re-evaluating software choices to make sure network software chosen is
V6-enabled. This can be more significant even than replacing the equipment.

Some comments of the corporate sponsor of REAL IPv6 deployment in a large
(42,000 employee / $24 billion) multi-national organization working in 50
1. The investment is not massive if the effort is approached incrementally
within the context of existing sound change management practices.  This
approach takes time, but is minimally disruptive.
2. Prudent companies are investing in the future with IPv6, just as they did
with IPv4, web technology, and other "unfunded" global technology changes.
3. IPv6 implementation guidelines and current case studies of other that are
implementing IPv6 can be found in the book "Global IPv6 Strategies"
published May, 2008.

Regards - Fred 

Fred Wettling
Bechtel Corproation

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