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From: Jo Rhett
Sent: Tuesday, November 18, 2008 5:50 PM
Really?  Show me what an IPv6 capable Mac or PC does when it receives an
AAAA record in a DNS request submitted on an IPv4 network. (no, don't show
me.  But acknowledge that this isn't as simple as you're making it)

IPv6 has been most popular operating systems for a while.  Older operating
systems, like Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003 handle AAAA DNS traffic
just fine over IPv4 transport, including normal DDSN registration of hosts.

[2002] Apple: Macintosh OS/X 10.2
[2001] Cisco: IOS (12.x and Later)
[1997] IBM: AIX 4.2
[2000] Microsoft: Windows 2000
[2002] Microsoft: Windows XP
[1996] Various: Linux 2.1.6 Kernel
[2001] Various: Linux 2.4 Kernel 

[2007] Apple: Airport Extreme
[2003] Apple: Macintosh OS/X 10.3
[2007] Apple: Macintosh OS/X 10.5
[1996] BSD: OpenBSD / NetBSD / FreeBSD
[2000] HP: HP-UX 11i
[2007] HP: HP-UX 11i v2 
[2007] HP: Open VMS
[2006] IBM: AIX 6 
[2002] IBM: AS/400
[2002] IBM: z/OS 1.4
[2002] Juniper: JUNOS (5.1 and Later)
[2003] Microsoft: Windows CE 4.2
[2003] Microsoft: Windows Mobile 2003
[2008] Microsoft: Windows Server 2008 
[2007] Microsoft: Windows Vista
[2000] Sun: Solaris 2.8

Regards - Fred Wettling

Fred Wettling
Bechtel Corporation
Coauthor: Global IPv6 Strategies

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