[arin-ppml] Is this more desired than aTransferPolicy? Needinput

TJ trejrco at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 19:15:47 EST 2008

>It's a big change.  You can't just "turn it on".  You have to redesign your
>firewalls, and you have to make sure that it doesn't break every
>single one of your business-critical applications.   Even just the
>evaluation of the applications is a major undertaking.

Actually, I would argue that for many instances the application side of the
space is the hardest part.

>> And finally, leaf-node businesses that have a SINGLE connection to the
>> Internet can replace their existing firewall (that most likely uses
>> NAT) with a newer one that runs IPv4<->IPv6 proxying, so they won't
>> even have to bother changing anything.  And that describes just about
>> every business in the US that has under 200 employees.
>> (which is the majority of businesses in the US)
>Really?  Show me what an IPv6 capable Mac or PC does when it receives an
>AAAA record in a DNS request submitted on an IPv4 network.
>(no, don't show me.  But acknowledge that this isn't as simple as you're
>making it)

Actually, the host shouldn't have asked for an AAAA if it had no IPv6
connectivity ... if it does have some, or atleast thinks it does, it will
use it (or try to).


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