[arin-ppml] What if we adopt policy that might negatively affect the RIRs organizationally

Scott Leibrand sleibrand at internap.com
Tue Nov 18 18:50:28 EST 2008

TJ wrote:
> Thanks, that makes sense ... 
> Let me rephrase what I meant my first question to be, i.e. - 
> 	Can the continuance of the organization be used as a supporting
> statement for some given policy?

Supporting?  Sure.  But to be compelling, it needs to be better for the 
community, overall, to have the policy than not have it.  One aspect of 
that may be that it supports continuance of the organization, which has 
various beneficial impacts.

> 	Is that supporting statement alone enough to justify a policy being
> created / adopted?

IMO, not without an analysis of whether the community is better off with 
ARIN (and the new policy) than without either.

> And, is there a different answer to these if we are talking about "what the
> community can vote for" vs "what the AC can/would decide" vs "what the board
> would accept/approve/adopt/take action on" ... ?

There are differences among all three, of course, but they're mostly minor 
process differences that really only matter to those of us who have to 
actually follow/manage the process.  As long as we all do our job, the 
substantive questions of what's best for the community are the predominant 
factor throughout the process.


P.S. Yes, still speaking only for myself here.

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