[arin-ppml] WAS:Is this more desired than a Transfer Policy? ... Needinput

TJ trejrco at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 17:57:25 EST 2008

>Because I can't imagine many companies investing in IPv6 right now.

I am not a very creative person, but I certainly can imagine many companies
investing in IPv6.
More importantly, and the fact that I work at one of these aside, I actually
see interest (finally) growing organically, and the investment following
that interest.  In fact, in many of my conversations it isn't that some
organization lacks interest, it is that there are remaining concerns about
doing so from a performance/security perspective - solve those (and the
industry is, slowly, doing so) and they would (will) begin implementing ...

Note - when I say organically I mean that it is being driven by specific
needs or potential uses, not due directly to IPv4 exhaustion.  
The address scarcity / exhaustion certainly factors in to the above - not
disputing that - but that is not the direct cause.
(Exhaustion also factors even more directly into other conversations ... but
that is a separate conversation)

I guess we could devolve into arguing the definition of "many", or start
talking proportions, but I'd rather we not rehash that debate ... and I say
that for many reasons, not solely because I'd end on the shorter end of that
discussion (i.e. - no one is arguing that the IPv4 world is smaller than the
IPv6 world, that'd be silly) :).  I guess we could also debate "invest" and
"right now", but again - let's not (same reasons as above).

To keep this thread atleast semi-on-topic: Let me ask a question ...
When the community is making a policy decision, is protecting the future of
the organizational RIR structure - as the sole basis for a policy, or a
relevant factor thereof - in the community's best interest?  Not saying it
isn't a valid question, and certainly not wishing ill for the
organization(s) in question ... just asking - is that a valid justification
to influence a policy decision?

While I am at it - is the inverse possible?
Procedurally, what would happen if (worst case) the ARIN community attempted
to adopt a policy demolishing [past|present|future] policy / policy creation

/TJ (re-lurking)

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