[arin-ppml] Is this more desired than a Transfer Policy? Needinput

Joe Maimon jmaimon at chl.com
Tue Nov 18 14:15:40 EST 2008

Ted Mittelstaedt wrote:

> The fact is that once IPv4 has run out, it is in the best interests of 
> -everyone- on the Internet to
> switch to IPv6 as quickly as possible.  As soon as the Internet reaches 
> a tipping point of IPv6
> switchees, then there will be a stampede of IPv4 holders to IPv6 and 
> then there will be PLENTY
> of worthless abandonded IPv4 available for those orgs who believe that 
> the rest of the world will
> continue to dual-stack forever, just for them.

Those are one set of assumptions.

Another set of assumptions about what happens upon runout are:

a) most people will prefer to keep using ipv4 without changing anything
unless they have an urgent need to grow

b) they will grow by trying to obtain ipv4 by any practical or cost
effective method available, such as black market or internal reclamation
  and by pressure on registries for grey/white markets and reclamation
and other interesting ideas such as reclaiming class e

c) users will treat ipv6 only as the least desirable option

d) ipv6 will not become desirable over rfc1918 ipv4 for the masses until
seamless operation with the rest of the ipv4 network is commonplace and

e) given all above, a "tipping" point may not be reached many years and
until then ipv6 is just a slightly more usable form of rfc1918 from an
end-user perspective

f) people who are happy with their ipv4 will feel no need to impose ipv6
dual stack on their user population until they ask for it and there is a
real and practical benefit for them to do so and the downsides to their
network arent outweighed by these benefits

g) ipv4 will remain scarce and valuable for years to come

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